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Eagle Lake takes its responsibility to preserve the legacy of our lake. We hope you enjoy and will help us protect our precious resource.

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News & Events 8/29/2018

Toxic Algae Can Grow In Lakes And Ponds. Here’s How To Protect Yourself

For many people, summer means heading to a local lake and cooling off with a swim. But recent outbreaks of toxic algae in lakes and ponds across the country have shut down some of these swimming spots, leaving the water surface coated in green and posing a threaten to human and animal health. To read the full story click here

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Local News 9/23/2018

Starke County mother whose son drowned speaks out about the tragedy

A mother whose son drowned last weekend at birthday party in Cass County is speaking out for the first time. Kelly Hildebrand had to bury her son yesterday (Saturday), but she says she doesn't want her son’s death to be in vain. She wants to make s...

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