Board of Directors

Interim President:         Lori Penzenik           Water Quality Co-Chair  

Vice President:             Brigid Forlenza          Social Chair

Treasurer:                    Mike Marola

Interim Secretary:        Laura Jamrog           


Director:            Margie Allan             

Director:            Charlie Bushkill       

Director:            Pat Makielski             Membership

Director:            Lori Mroczek             Water Quality Co-Chair

News & Events 9/18/2017

Great Video on how to clean your boat free of Milfoil.

Please download and read this article from the Michigan Waterfront Alliance.  The support of all Riparian Property owners is needed

MI Waterfront Alliance call to action

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Local News 3/18/2018

Rule changes for South Bend Cubs

The next South Bend Cubs game you go to may be a little different. Minor League Baseball has changed a few rules to help speed up the games. Baseball fans may not notice the new changes this year right off the bat. Managers are limited to 10 mound vi...

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