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Eagle Lake takes its responsibility to preserve the legacy of our lake. We hope you enjoy and will help us protect our precious resource.

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News & Events 8/29/2018

Toxic Algae Can Grow In Lakes And Ponds. Here’s How To Protect Yourself

For many people, summer means heading to a local lake and cooling off with a swim. But recent outbreaks of toxic algae in lakes and ponds across the country have shut down some of these swimming spots, leaving the water surface coated in green and posing a threaten to human and animal health. To read the full story click here

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Local News 10/21/2018

Diapers? Some Bethel students do whatever it takes to stay in car contest

"I'm wearing two diapers, I won't say whether I've used them... " "I'm also wearing a diaper and it's extremely comfortable, so I'm good. " Yes, students at Bethel College were wearing diapers this weekend. It was part of a hand-on-car competition at...

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